Encouraged to Write another Psalm

I have been enjoying the “Sweeter Than Honey study of the Psalms” in Bible Study. Last Fall we were challenged to write a Psalm. I drew a picture but I also wrote a Psalm. This year we were encouraged to once again write a Psalm, but this time, we were given full reign to make it our own because last year brought some creativity. I drew a picture, another lady had an “Ebenezer” rock that she wrote on, another lady sang her Psalm, others were short, some long, etc.

So this year I went way out of my own comfort zone and I created a video. It ended up being so much fun to make and I have had several people ask me if I had ever considered going into media! I laugh – it was fun – but no…I will leave media to others.

So, without further ado, here is my Psalm and Ebenezer….”Thus far has the LORD helped us!” My Psalm and Ebenezer, my story of God’s provsion! (Here’s the backstory to my Psalm)

Challenged or encouraged to write or create your own Psalm? Check out: Challenging you to create a Psalm.


4 thoughts on “Encouraged to Write another Psalm

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