Handy Prayer

I was watching a video recently where the pastor was encouraging people to pray for breakthrough (as well as to fast from meats, sweets and breads for a period of 21 days). What struck me was the way the pastor was encouraging the people to pray. Here is a handy way to remember how to pray.


Hold your hands in front of you as if to pray – palms together with your thumbs toward your body.

Think of the first hand with the thumb closest to your heart….pray for those closest to your heart.

The pointer finger on the same hand…pray for those who are leaders and teachers.

The middle finger…pray for those who influence others to know Jesus and to influence people toward God’s heart.

The ring finger is the weakest finger….pray for those who are weak, poor, disabled, elderly, etc

The pinkie finger….last of all pray for yourself using your other hand…

The thumb near your heart….ask God to create a clean and steadfast heart in you

The pointer finger…pray that you have correct priorities and motives, that God would lead and teach you in the way you should go.

The middle finger…pray that you would be a greater influence for the Kingdom of God.

The ring finger…pray that God will strengthen you where you are weak and for God to be made strong in your weaknesses.

The pinkie finger….last of all pray for blessing for yourself as well as others…which leads back to the first hand.

I would encourage anyone who is reading this to pray about a period of fasting and praying. Fast from something that distracts you from praying and spending time with God or fast from a type of food or several types of food. Ask God to clearly guide you in the length of time as well as what you should fast. (Example: fasting from sweets for 21 days and praying using your hands 3 times a day as well as when you have a craving for sweets.) It is a great time to be praying “breakthrough” or change for each person. Let me know how it goes!

Addendum: I got the opportunity to teach this form of prayer at a healing service. As I was explaining the prayer, I realized that true breakthrough would come in a much deeper way if I were to pray the things from my second hand for the people represented by the first hand. What do you think??? Let me know.


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