Wow, forgot to add something!

Not sure how I forgot to add this, but I did (blame the pain medicine I guess!). When I posted the video from Encouraged to Write another Psalm, at the end I mentioned that I was expecting to get a van given to me by a friend during the summer and was just looking to see how God would provide until then. Well, she ended up buying a van earlier and was going to need some of the money from the sell of the old van, which we decided would not be a good fit for me, to pay off the old van. So I was expecting to have a little more money to possibly get into a newer car. But then almost immediately she found out that the van had transmission issues so she had to drop the price of the van. All in all, I praise God that she was able to buy a new van before the transmission went out on the old van. I am also very thankful to God that I didn’t get the van with transmission issues either! So God provided for both of us and it ended up much different than either of us were expecting or planning!


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