War Room party plans – shhhh! Confidential

I am so excited that I get to host a War Room viewing party for the ladies in my Bible study group this week.


Wow, I use “excited” a lot! Is it proper to say, “I am inspirited to host a War Room Viewing party”??? Please leave me a comment below.

I have wanted to have a War Room viewing party for awhile, I love to surprise people, and I have some special things planned which just build up my excitement all the more!

Can you keep a secret? If so, I will let you in on some things I am making (& others that I am attempting to make) for the ladies.  Shhhhh!

I made mini camauflage war houses….I was told just to call them war rooms because I drawl out the “war” a little and it sounds like soimg_20160901_190637381IMG_20160904_171205010mething you might find in Nevada. SO, mini war rooms so that each lady has their own “war room”. I attempted to make those out of foam pieces but it didn’t work like I was hoping. I might let the ladies make their own if they want because I have a lot of pieces cut out. Ohhhh, and my littletemp army men battle reminders are fun.  Here are pictures:



I also have some other surprises….but I think I will keep some IMG_20160904_150229744secret, just in case you are not able to keep classified information a secret!

Encouragement: Ask God who you can surprise today and also how He would like you to surprise them. Ask Him to help you pull it off without the person or people finding out before hand. Then please share with me what He emboldened you to do. Please share pictures too if you are able to get some! Were they surprised???


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