Is there a blockade trying to stop me – trying to take steps toward a sacrifice

It’s so weird what goes through my head sometimes. Is it just me or does God use the things we’ve had around us in our life times to speak to us? I would feel like it were more from Him if it were something from the Bible. But then, Satan knows God’s Word and can use it against us too.

For the last couple weeks, I have felt like there is a blockade in my life. It’s blocking my drive to get to work, it’s blocking any progress to find a place to move, it’s blocking fund raising, it’s blocking my health, it’s blocking my faith. So, I prayed about it this morning only to get a song from a Christmas movie playing in my head. “You put one foot in front of the other.”

On Easter Day, my Primary Care Physician acknowledged that I have prayed and encouraged me to move forward in the process of possibly donating part of my liver to my friend Lupe.

In order to move forward in anything, we have to first stand up and then take a step. We need to take a first step. I have done that. In fact, this whole series of blogs has been about taking steps of faith.

So, what do you do when there seems to be a blockade? Well, it seems that God is telling me to keep stepping in faith. Keep taking the next step. Keep walking it out.

In a devotional entitled “Faith Is More Than Believing: Take The Next Step,” Rick Warren writes, “I don’t know what your next step is, but I do know this: You have one. God will never be finished taking you deeper in faith. There is always a next step.”

So what is my next step??? Today, October 2, 2015 is going to be a special day of stepping in faith! Lupe and I go to UCSF today to meet our surgeons and I will also meet with my anesthesiologist. It’s exciting for me. I have looked forward to this for months and now it’s here.

More than anything, I think I am learning that it’s a process – it’s a journey, not a destination. The day has come and it will pass. Where there have been blockades, they will be moved – I’ll get to work, I’ll find a place to move and get moved, funds will come in, I’ll get over the cold, and the surgery will happen. Then recovery will happen, and I’ll get back to work…each day taking a step of faith to allow God to lead me.

What’s your next step of faith?


Live Liver Donor Assistance fund for Michelle Wilson


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