Black bird

I love how the GOD of ALL creation can use anything…. ANYTHING to speak to us.

I’ve been wanting to go on a GOD-date again. (That is where I get away from the normal day to day to spend time with GOD. But it’s been hard because I don’t drive. Hard to believe that I haven’t since February 2019!) Anyway, I have been praying for an opportunity to get out of the house and maybe even get to the beach again.

Well today was the day! Yay! Praise GOD my friend was going to be able to take me over the hill to the beach! I knew it was going to be chilly so I was going to take layers. I had mostly purples but felt like I was supposed to take my black UCSF sweatshirt too.

We took our time getting there since it was overcast. But by 2:00pm ish the sun was out and we were finding our way to the Capitola Beach.

There were sea gulls, pelicans, a black heron that was fishing near the shore and some pigeons. The out of nowhere, a little black bird came walking past us. After I said, “Well, hello little black bird.” We both instantly started to sing…”Black bird singing in the dead of night…” (Listen to the Beatles, Black bird)

I had to look up the song because we couldn’t remember the words. It’s crazy, the Beatles and Paul McCartney should not be worship worthy songs. BUT GOD….the GOD of ALL creation is able to use ALL things!

Are you you singing in the dead of night? Are you singing in the deepest areas of pain? Worshipping GOD when ALL looks hopeless? Are you worshipping GOD when your wings are broken and you are unable to fly? Are you worshipping GOD when you are unable to see what lies ahead?

Could it be that if you worship that you will see that what you have been waiting for is right here. You are free in Christ to fly, spread your wings and fly into the light. Take your light into the dark.

I found myself worshipping GOD on the beach. I was wearing black. I was the black bird. I need to worship in my suffering more. I need to be willing to take the light He has placed in me into the darkness more than I do too.

How about you? Do you feel challenged?


4 thoughts on “Black bird

  1. I’m not singing right now but I am laughing. Well, it’s more of a joyful chuckle at how, like the Beatles song, He can use anything to draw us near. I read this post and as I was scrolling down to comment, the Wave title caught my eye. So I jumped over and read that one. Wow. I hadn’t considered the wave created by a huge chunk of mountain and how we have to be prepared for it. That’s how I feel right now, like I’m preparing for something but I don’t know what. When I read that, I got the strong impression that whatever it is, is going to be a lot bigger than I expected. Okay, got it. But I still don’t know how to prepare for the unknown so I’m joyfully giggling (I don’t sing) while keeping my surfboard at hand and thanking God for spiritual lifeguards.


    • I just saw this hahaha… spiritual lifeguards…I know that I have one of those in my life because I could have drowned once but was saved…. also a rouge wave 🌊 nearly got me… BUT GOD kept me on land ..I was soaked but ok! I know you will be ok too!


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