Funny How GOD Works

Few weeks ago, I was watching Christian comedians on YouTube. I was just letting the videos play one after another. I had never heard of Michael Jr, but thought I would give a listen. 

After the show, another video popped up and it felt sort of like Michael Jr was talking to me. He was saying that he wrote a book and was looking for people who would be on his lunch team – read the book for free – well, for helping to market it. 

The next thing I know, I’m filling out a form that I got for clicking on the link. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do all the marketing tasks, so I checked a box saying that I do some. And I had to write a short essay about why I thought I should be part of his launch team. Maybe I should have written: “Because I’m positive that Michael Jr was talking to me on that video!” But instead I wrote that I only saw him once and was impressed that he was truly a comedian who could do a show with kids in the audience, very clean. I think I also said something about being a slow reader. 

I waited for a day and when I didn’t get an email, I felt somewhat snubbed. Haa haa! Then in a couple days, I got an email that they would choose who would be on the team in a couple of days. I think after that I forgot to check my email, because I saw that one had been in my inbox for 2 days. 

That email had a link to a video of Michael Jr. In it, he was excited about his book and about the launch team. Kind of funny that as I was listening to him, I was thinking, “There’s probably so many people who applied that I won’t get chosen”, and then my thought went to “but I’m really not a good person for his team”. 

Michael Jr said in the video that those who were chosen to be on the launch team would be on the credits at the end of the video. I almost didn’t watch because I was pretty sure I wasn’t on the list. Then it started, there was only one name on the list, “Michael Jr.” that’s it. Then he came back on the video saying he was just kidding and the real list would really be coming up. 

Aaarrrggghhh! Of course it was in an alphabetical order, that meant I would have to wait…(I’m a Wilson)…and wait. (I seriously need to marry a man with the last name starting with the letter closer to the beginning of the alphabet!)

And then, there it was! My name was in the credits‼️

What⁉️ Why would I get picked❓❓ 


Next thing I know, I was looking at my email account again and saw that I had an email welcoming me to the team. This email had launch team instructions and the link to read the book.

Usually, I’m a slow reader, especially if I don’t grasp what’s being said or it’s a slow beginning. But, from the beginning, I felt like GOD put this book in my hands at this time for a reason! And as I read, I felt like Michael Jr didn’t just want to make people laugh but rather he genuinely wants to help people.

Somehow in the span of about 5 hours, I read the first 10 chapters; including writing notes in my journal, praying, crying, laughing, and rereading parts. 

By the time I stopped reading for the night, I really knew this book was supposed to be in my hands. And GOD made it possible for me to be reading it because He was planning to use this book: the stories and questions, to go into the deep crevices of my heart, break through some walls and allow some hope to seep in like a light into a dark room.

I confess, I was kind of thinking and daydreaming how cool it would be if Michael Jr were somehow able to connect me to (or was a connection) I need in order to get Humble Valley Ranch from a multi-night dream that GOD gave me almost 20 years ago to be…from heaven to earth…i.e: the connection to bring it into reality! (I will have to write about the recurring dream of Humble Valley Ranch in another blog.)

But then I read, “‘Are you asking ‘What can I give?’ Or, are you asking the default question, ‘What can I get?’ If you don’t choose which of these questions to ask, you will by nature ask, ‘What can I get?’ When you make the decision to change your question, I guarantee you will find much better answers.”

I started asking, “GOD, what do I have that I can give to Michael Jr and his team for allowing me the privilege of being on the launch team and getting to read this book for free?”

At some point in the book he writes, “I’m asking you to pause right now and literally take 3 minutes and come up with something you can do to help someone you have encountered recently. Like really just take a few beats and do it now. DO IT NOW PLEASE.”

So I did. “Hey Google, set a timer ⌛ for 3 minutes.”

“Okay, setting a ⏳ for 3 minutes.”

I wrote my pat answers, “I can pray for them, encourage them…I can write on my blog.” Well, okay I’m not sure how writing on my blog would help anyone. But I had to get a new journal out because I was at the end of my old one. So, I needed to write about why I was writing quotes from this guy, Michael Jr, in my new journal. And, the next thing I know, I realized that I was literally writing my next blog…well that is if Michael Jr and his team approve of it. (If you were reading this, they approved).

Michael Jr encourages readers to pursue God to find their purpose using their gifts, talents, skills, past, situations and circumstances and then set out into that purpose trusting God to take care of the details. 

Michael Jr says,”…Some of the greatest things in life happen outside of our comfort zone.”

Later in that chapter, he asks “When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?”

I feel like I’m stepping out of my comfort zone because I have no clue if anyone will even see this or read it. I have very few followers on my blog and I get maybe a dozen or two people reading it… and strangely, most of those people are from China, who somehow find it through their web searches…


My blog page is just a way to put a little hope and encouragement out there on the web to people who might stumble on it and if GOD wills, lead someone to a saving and intimate relationship with JESUS.

Yeppers, I am stepping out in faith, stepping out of my comfort zone to send this to Michael Jr and team. Stepping out in faith to put it on my website. Stepping out of my comfort zone.

Go read the book. DO IT NOW PLEASE. 

Funny How Life Works Book by Michael Jr, available on March 2, 2021!

Pre-order your #FunnyHowLifeWorks book here:



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4 thoughts on “Funny How GOD Works

  1. Hi Michelle dear friend! I am so glad this book encouraged you and helped you break down walls! I could see it made a difference when I saw you in the zoom call last Saturday. Your countenance had a glow to it. I pray this will continue to make a difference for you and others! I pray it leads you toward That Humble valley ranch! I ordered the book and look forward to reading it myself!

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