Just being myself

One year I worked for a non-profit agency that had yearly fundraisers. The year I worked for them, they decided they wanted to hire a clown to be at the fundraising event. But they were unable to find one. I let my boss know that I was willing to be a clown at the event because I had my own costume and make-up….at one time, I even had my clown face registered with a clown registry! (Yes, crazy enough, clown faces can be registered!)  My boss was delighted, so the day of the event, I got to work early enough to put on my make-up and costume.  However, as I finished putting white on my face, I would notice that my skin would start to show through. I thought maybe the oils in my skin were causing the white to come off, so I used some powder and then applied more white. I would get finished with one side only to have the white come off the other side again. Well, I was running out of time, so I prayed God would help me (I wasn’t sure what else to do!).  As clear as day I heard in my heart, “I no longer want you to wear a mask. This is who you used to be but I have made you brand new!” At that point I stopped trying to get my skin fully covered and only a few people asked if I had issues with my makeup.

I was a bit stunned at what I thought I had heard God say since a clown isn’t a bad thing! (Well at that time, this year I have seen how the enemy can use a clown for evil.) But after the event, I prayed about it some more and decided that I would give my clown costumes and make-up away. The hard part is that I wanted to take part in my church’s Harvest Festival and I was encouraged to dress up.  I had no clue what to do…so I prayed and felt like the answer was to just be myself.

What does that look like? Well, the first year, I was trying to get a baking business going, so I wore my apron and chef hat. One year I had the idea of wearing my cap and gown from when I graduated from community college. Another year I wore my cap and gown from when I graduated from university. There might have been other similar “costumes” but I can’t recall what they were.

I was running out of ideas. Who am I???

Well, I really like to pray, so I thought it would be interesting to try to make a prayer closet for me to wear. And I finally got the opportunity to do that when a neighbor down the street from me got a new appliance several days before the harvest fest.

I boldly asked if I could have their box and they willingly gave it to me.10661949_10154717845475109_7018001576398974231_o I drew up some plans and found some 10668940_10154717845130109_8583389040875711864_osuspenders I could use to hold it on my shoulders and the church had some white paper that I could use to cover the box. As the project came along, I decided that I would make it a prayer booth instead of a prayer closet. On one side of the box, I added a pocket for prayer cards and pens. On the other side, I added a place for people to put the prayer cards and on the back of the booth I put in large letters, “Need Prayer? Ask me to pray for you!”

Harvest Fest 2014

Harvest Fest 2014

Right away, I was told that the costume was of poor character but I did not let it phase me. Within minutes, children were walking up to me and asking me for prayer. You see, the front had a little “table” where people could write down their prayer requests, but unknowingly, I had made my prayer booth just right for kids to lean in to talk with me as long as I got down on my knees. T0 my surprise, children of all nationalities were asking me for prayer. One child begged his mother to let him talk to me. Her reply, “but we don’t believe in their ‘god’!” The little boy didn’t care. He wanted prayer! It was a very special night for me for sure!

I wrote on my Facebook wall after the Harvest Fest was over: “It was so fun and rewarding to walk around dressed as a prayer booth for Trinity’s Harvest Fest. Please pray for the little boy pictured with me. He asked for a healthy brain and eyes. His mother said he has brain disease. So many children came to me for prayer…one even ‘tithed’ a piece of her candy for my prayers for her mommy to get well.”

Last year I was still in the hospital from the donation surgery (Trinity didn’t have a Harvest Fest anyway) so I didn’t need to come up with a “costume”.img_20161028_163232926 This year I had no idea what part of me I should portray. As I asked my housemate her thoughts, Bebe climbed up on my shoulder. She said, “You can be Bebe’s Mama!” So I went to the dollar store to look for a stuffed cat to attach to my shoulder only they didn’t have any. I did find an Army Hat and remembered that I had a bunch of plastic toy Army Men and Army signs from the War Room party I had during the summer. So I decided to go as a Soldier in Jesus’ Army by putting the sign on my back and taping the toy soldiers on my clothes. Little by little my “men” were falling off…guess the battle was pretty tough! I don’t have any pictures of my “costume” but it really wasn’t much to see in comparison to my prayer booth.

I have no clue what part of me I will portray next year. Maybe my readers need to write and give me some ideas (0:

Challenge: What would your “costume” or “costumes” be if you were to portray who you are??? Please leave your comments.


War Room Viewing Party

I am so INSPIRITED that I got to have a War Room viewing Party!

I decided that I use the word “excited” way too often, so I came up with a new phrase, “I am so Inspirited…!” Maybe it will become the new craze. Then I can say that I was ahead of the curve on one.

I shared in my last blog, War Room Party Plans – Shhhh! Confidential, that I love to surprimg_20160907_093230075ise people. Well the ladies in my Bible Study group and a few others were very surprised!  Before they even got in the door, the surprises started. I had covered the doorbell with a special note: “God wants YOU for His Army” says Uncle Sam. “Enlist now! Recruitment office here! Take dog tag and enter to enlist.”  At the bottom of the page, I taped a bag of store bought dog tag party favors. And then I unlocked the door so my guests would be able to come on in while I got some other surprises ready.


I found several ideas on-line from others who have had War Room Viewing parties, but I wanted a little bit more than they did. So I made some little army man Bible verse cards as a little reminder for each woman to take with them. I arranged them on the table with a Jesus Army sheet that I also found on-line which I printed and colored. Funny thing is that I had no idea it had a puzzle back ground when I printed it. When I started to color it, I noticed the lines which really cemented to me that it was supposed to be used since quite a few of us enjoy putting puzzles together. It helped my to remind the ladies that we are all pieces of the puzzle and we are all nimg_20160907_212026eeded to make up His Army.

I had also added some paint color swatches with a sign that read, “Praying in color” for our prayer time. Each lady was encouraged to take a swatch and write down the prayer needs of the other ladies in the room. It was a sweet time after the movie was over.

In the kitchen, I had Camouflage plates and napkins. Plus I made each lady a camo color gingerbread “War Room” (I was encouraged not to call them “mini war houses” because I drawl out the “war” too much. I told the ladies the dilemma and they got a good laugh.)


Before the party started, I looked at the dog tags which say, “Name _________” and “Rank _________”. It wasn’t until the movie was over, that I really got the impression from God that I needed to encourage each lady to add their name and then ask God what is their “rank” in His Army. We all have a part and each “Rank” plays a different role. We are all called to be part of the battle.

Today I want to encourage anyone who has not taken up their place in the Lord’s Army to take that step today. Watch the War Room (or host a War Room viewing 12388516width178height178party) for further encouragement. And then, ask God what your rank is in His Army and what role He has for you to play. Please share with me how you were encouraged.

“You’ve done it again, Lord. You’ve done it again.
You are good, and You are mighty, and You are merciful! And You keep taking care of me when I don’t deserve it.
Praise You, Jesus! You are Lord….

Raise up more that will call upon Your name.
Raise up those that love You, and seek You, and trust You.
Raise ‘em up, Lord!
Raise ’em up!

Lord, we need a generation of believers who are not ashamed of the gospel!
We need an army of believers, Lord, that hate to be lukewarm, and will stand on Your Word above all else!
Raise ’em up, Lord!
Raise ’em up!

I pray for unity among those that love You.
I pray that You open their eyes so that they can see Your truth, Lord.
I pray for Your hand of protection and guidance.
Raise up a generation, Lord, that will take light into this world; that will not compromise when under pressure; that will not cower, Lord, when others fall away!

Raise ’em up, Lord, that they will proclaim that there is salvation in the name of Jesus Christ!
Raise up warriors, Lord, who will fight on their knees, who will worship you with their whole hearts, Lord!
Lord, call us to battle, that we may proclaim King of Kings, and Lord of Lords!

I pray these things with all my heart.
Raise ’em up, Lord!
Raise ’em up!

“Raise ‘Em Up”, from the movie “The War Room”