Humble Valley Ranch blog spot

I have been thinking a lot about starting a blog page, but it seems like everyone has one these days. Why should I start my own page?

Almost every page I look at has pictures of what seem like perfectly made foods, crafts or other things. I would fail horribly if I were to start a blog post trying to complete with what the world offers. 

After praying about it, I have decided that I will start one, but I want it to be different. I believe that I am to be myself; to show my flaws, to share my failed creations and to celebrate the successes. At the same time, I want to share about the only human in history who was perfect, Jesus.

I hope along the way to get feedback from you about ways to improve or implement what I have done, to share your mistakes and to celebrate your successes!

More than anything I want to encourage people to be themselves, to step out and try to make something or do something you’ve wanted to do but have been afraid that you will mess up. I want to encourage you to practice using the gifts that God has given you, not perfectly, but the best you can.

Well, here goes… LORD, please make it what You want it to be!


3 thoughts on “Humble Valley Ranch blog spot

  1. Thats awesome Michelle that you started a blog! I have been wanting to do the same so I can get my thoughts on paper so i can write a book!! 😁


    • Natalie, let me know if you need any help setting something up. You can draft the things you don’t want online so that you can get your thoughts down. Another way to do it is to just use a word processing program and type what you are thinking.


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